Music Video Course

For all the singers out there

It’s time to put down that hairbrush you pretend is a microphone and pick up a real one! 

Mad Hatters Film Camp now offers a bespoke course geared towards the students who want to perform and may just be the next X-Factor contender. We are offering an exclusive package to live out the dream of writing and recording your very own song and starring in your very own music video.

Course structure

Singing Lessons – Either privately or in groups of 4 maximum, singing lessons are provided by a fully qualified singing instructor. At this stage the instructor can identify at what level the students are and help them with techniques to better their capabilities. The classes are filled with fun vocal exercises and practices.  The students will learn to harmonise and will be taught a variety of different techniques to be used in the future and in the recording of their own song.

Songwriting – Students will learn how to compose a song, write a hook, the rules of rhyming and general rules of successful song structure. The students can be as involved as they wish in this section. The instructors will oversee and aid this entire process and can help with this poetic compilation as much as is necessary.

Recording in a studio – The pupils will record their vocals of the original song written for or by them. This is a key skill to becoming a professional singer and the experience is essential for future recording. This practice establishes the skills needed in order to record a good song including timing, harmonies and punctuation.

Performance techniques – This aspect enables the students to learn how to deliver the songs like a real pop star, so that they gain the confidence and charisma ready for the recording of their very own music video.

Choreography – The pupils will have each music video choreographed. This includes movements in every scene and dance routines.  Depending on the style and genre they choose to film their music video in, will depend on the amount of dance choreography required or simply learning blocking.

Music Video – After all the hard work comes the video where the student gets to express themselves and enjoy the spotlight for the day. Something that they will be able to use for future promotion and to look back on as a great experience!

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